Avskyr du havet og lukten av råtten fisk? Blir du utrygg når du tenker på flo og fjære? Liker du deg i høyden? Liker du mygg og myr? Liker du geografi og skandinaviske rekorder? Da er denne artikkelen for deg!

Wilderness areas are fewer and more fragmented. Can we find wilderness using algorithms? Will it be enough to understand wilderness?

Wilderness zones (figure by author)

Understanding the world by generalising it using grid cells. From details to knowledge.

Image by author


The article gives detail on how to the Litchi app and DJI drones can be used to plan wildlife surveys.

Image from the test-survey

Tanzanian Hon. Minister January Makamba presenting at the FOSS4G conference in Dar es Salaam 2018 (Photo: Ragnvald Larsen)

Ragnvald Larsen

Geographer working with GIS, data management and development cooperation. My opinions are my own. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ragnvald/

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